JOOYFACT A9 Dual Lens 1080P Car DVR Registrator Dash Cam GPS Logger Camera Camcorder Night Vision Novatek 96675 Sony IMX307 WiFi

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JOOYFACT A9 Dual Lens 1080P Car DVR Registrator Dash Cam GPS Logger Camera Camcorder Night Vision Novatek 96675 Sony IMX307 WiFi

A9 ,Novatek 96675 CPU, Front Sony IMX307 sensor,Rear GC2053 Sensor , it can record transforming the near and far light high quality video . It can record

high quality video at the entrance and exit of tunnel too .

Two Options to Choose

Two colors


GPS optional

Non-destructive Installation

Designed for the original car style, Do not block the line of sight, Take power from the

fuse box or USB Port, Fix the wires, Integration with the vehicle. It will work when you start your

car and stop when you unplug your car key, No built-in lithium battery, avoid battery

explosion risk.

Fit for 80% cars

It can fit for 80% cars without Auto-dimming rearview mirror or Auto-sensing

wipers, support to adjust the camera angle (up or down),choose the best angle for your

car, Removable panel, install and uninstall easily .

Loop Recording

powerful IC, Loop Recording, you can set the video fragment as 1

minute / 2 minutes / 3 minutes, overwrite the fragments recorded before, if the storage is

full . Support famous brand quality 16G – 128G C10 Micro SD card .

​Parking Monitor

A9 has Parking Monitor too .When your car is parking , if your car had been hit, it will start recording ,

record a 60 s video to keep the evidence.

Time-lapse Recording( off by deafult )

About Time-lapse Recording, it can support this function . It can record as 2/5 FPS after ACC power is off . The term you can set we 24/48 hours .If you set 2 FPS by LuckyCam, even a 16G TF card, it can record

more than 48 hours video.

A9 has a protection for low voltage.

If the voltage is lower than 11.8V, the Time-lapse Recording will stop working .To avoid your car battery is

exhausted .We set Time-lapse Recording off by deafult , if the temperature is lower than 15

Celsius degrees ,it may work 6 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours or more , depend on your car .If the

temperature is above 30 Celsius degrees and your car is parking in Sun and the time is 10:00 – 16:00 ,

the temperature of your car inside will be more than 60 Celsius degrees ,that will cause the car DVR

is working with high temperature and cannot work well .

If you are in Russian and low temperature countries, you can contact with us to open the function,

or we do not recommend you use it .We do not take any responsibility for this function .

GPS Logger (Optional)

Dual 1080P Video, Full HD resolution, Wide view,WDR

A9/A9G, Novatek 96675,Front SONY IMX307 1/2.9 CMOS sensor, 155 degree, F1.8 , 6 pieces glasses

camera, high day and night vision quality .

Rear GC 2053 Camera

The real pictures are better than the pictures , we hope you can understand that .

Support iOS and Android APP manipulation

Built-in WiFi module, REALTEK RTL8189ES, you can watch the recorded videos,

download the videos ,share the videos from the DVR to your Android phone or iPhone,

just via WiFi, not waste your internet flow.

Built-in G-Sensor

Built-in G-Sensor, Save the important video when crash,sudden braking to a special

folder to avoid it was overwrote.

Power Cable

2 pieces of 15A fuses. 1 pieces of 2A fuse is on B+ (Battery + ) wire .

Sometimes, you need cut the fuses to use your car fuses .

The wire on the main device, about 40 cm , the long wire, about 260 cm ,

total about 300 cm , enough for most of cars .

Keys :

What is the package :

A9 : 1*main device,1* power cable,1*3M tape,1*Rear Camera,1*Rear Camera Cable,1*probe,1*pry

A9G: 1*main device,1* power cable,1*3M tape,1*Rear Camera,1*Rear Camera Cable,1*GPS antenna,1*probe,1*pry

A9 is without the GPS cable and GPS antenna, we hope you can understand that .


CPU: Novatek 96675

Front Sensor : SONY IMX307 2.0M

Rear Sensor : GC2053

Recorder: 1920*1080@30fps H.265

Audio : Built-in Microphone

Video format: MOV

Picture format : JPEG

Recording Resolution : 1920*1080

Picture Resolution : 4 M

Fragment : 1 minute/ 2 minutes / 3 minutes

Storage : C10 TF card ( 16G-128G)

Material: ABS+PC

WiFi : REALTEK RTL8189ES ,802.11 b/g/n

Working Current: 260 mA ( DC 14.5V ) , 310 mA (DC 12.1V) ,Plus or minus 5%

Standby Current : 6-12 mA,Plus or minus 5%

Supply voltage : DC 12V(Fuse Box )

APP language: English , Chinese

working temperature : -20 – 60 degrees Celsius

Working humidity: 15-85% RH

It can fit for the brackets , if your car bracket is not the same as one of them , you can send the pictures to us to confirm that,friend.

Good ideas from our buyers !

Free Gifts Just for Fuse box power device

We do not accept the dispute about the gifts ,they are free .

the plastic pry tool and DC 6V-12V-24V electro probe .

We have two kinds of the electro probe ,they have a little different ,but same function .

Random send .


We offer the plastic pry tool and DC 6V-12V-24V electro probe for car to you as the gifts

,we do not accept the dispute about the gifts ,they are free .You can install the car DVR

by yourself .

1.Follow the manual of your car or search the information from internet to find your car

fuse box ,open the box with the plastic pry tool (if you have to use it ).

2.Use the electro probe ,find the ACC power fuse and Constant power ( BATT +12V ) fuse ,we

recommend you use reading lamps , headlights, tail lamps , turn signals, power windows

fuse to supply for the Constant power (if they are constant power fuse ).

ACC power: When you plug your car key then turn it to ACC ,the power will work .if you

turn your car Key to Lock or unplug your car ,the power will be off .Connect the red wire

(ACC) with the ACC power fuse .

Constant power ( BATT +12V ): plug or unplug your car key ,the power is uninterrupted .Connect the

yellow wire ( B+ ) with the Constant Power fuse .

3.For some cars ,you have to cut the wires , refit them then connect them with the car

fuses .Then plug the fuse to where it is .The GND wire (black ) to connect it with steel

plate or screw .

4.Connect the car DVR with the wires ,then turn your car key to ACC ,test the car DVR

can work or not .Connect your smart phone with the car DVR via WiFi ,open the app as

FinalCam to manipulate the car DVR and find the best installation position .

5.Stick the car DVR on windshield by 3M glue ,then fix the wires ,finish the

installation , feel at ease to use .

Note :

1.About Android system , too many Android system versions and phone models ,makers .

If you use Android 6 or above versions, close Cellular Data just set WiFi for Internet ,

please.Or you cannot connect the car DVR with your phone .

For some Android phones,you need change some settings, as

Settings – WiFi Settings – Advanced Settings – Stay Connecting .

If you still have any question,contact with us,please.

2.If the time of car DVR is wrong ,connect the car DVR with your smart phone via WiFi

,open the app ,the time will update auto ,if not ,you can set the by yourself .

3.The videos in app is not as good as the video on SD card ,if you want to watch the

1080P video ,you have to unplug the SD card ,then plug it to your smart phone or use a

SD card reader to watch the videos on your computer .

4.It need a very good quality C10 16G – 128G famous brand TF card ,format the TF card

to FAT32 to insert it to the car DVR for first time using, then format the TF card by the

LuckyCam APP to use,please. Or you cannot use 64G or 128G TF card .To keep the

TF card working well , we recommend you format the TF card every 15 days .

5.If the Red light keep shinning, that mean there are some problem of the car DVR or TF

card .The car DVR will check the TF card when it start recording every time,if there is any

error ,the Red light keep shinning ,you can turn the car DVR off, then turn it on again. If the

Blue light keep shinning, it is working .Or the Red light shinning, you should format the TF

card to FAT32 by your computer or change a TF card to try .If it is still cannot work,contact

with us ,please.

We are honest and decent to our buyers ,we will take the responsibilities which we should

take . We hope our buyers are honest and decent too .If you ordered the product from our

store ,that means you had accept the rule : You can not open the dispute to ask full refund

and keep the product without our consent .

It is a good product ,but not a perfect product ,we hope you can understand that . We hope

you are a kind and honest buyer ,or do not order it ,please .We do not want to get the

troubles from you.

About Motion Detection ,we do not have it, we have 24 Hours Parking Monitor versions.

We may improve the packages ,we hope you can understand that .We do our best to let you

get better product .

If you are very care about the function of your car radio ,think carefully before ordering

it ,please . It may cause your car radio can not work normally .A few buyers had told us

about that . We do not accept the dispute about the radio from now . That depend on your

car power is stable or not ,the position of your car radio antenna and the wire of your car

radio connect with your car radio ,you should keep the power wire of the car DVR far away

from your car radio antenna .We hope you can understand that .

If you need a big sound, do not order it ,please.

To friends from Russian, you have to tell your full English name to us,as

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin ,that is the policy of Russian Post .

How to use LuckyCam

1.Download the LuckyCam APP from APP Store or Play Store, then open the Settings-WiFi to

find the SSID of Car DVR ,then input the default password 12345678 to connect your phone

with the car DVR .

2.Open LuckCam, then you see Video , Camera ,Folders ,Setup .

2.1 Video for DVR recording .

2.2 Camera for taking picture .

2.3 The Folders,If you choose Video, you will view the video files on the TF card

or the video files had been downloaded to your phone . Camera, you will view the pictures

on the TF card or the pictures had been downloaed to your phone .

2.4 Steup ,if you choose Video, set the settings for DVR recording , if you

choose Camera, set the settings for Taking pictures.

3. Download the video files to your phone .

Choose Video, stop recording, then click Folders,you will review the video files on the TF

card or your phone .

The camera icon mean the files on the TF card of the car DVR, phone icon mean the

files on your phone .

The Blue icon mean you choose the car DVR or your phone .

Press the P icon to download the file on your phone from the car DVR, keep the car DVR

with your phone in 1 meter to get better speed ,please. The MAX speed about 3MB/s,do

not need use your mobile date and waste your money .

If the videos had been downloaded on your phone, then press the phone icon to view them .

You can choose the file which you want to play ,if you buy the GPS version, you can view

the tracking on Google, very cool .

4. Setup for settings, do not change the Name by the APP ,please. If you want to change it ,

contact with us for help ,please. Or you cannot connect the car DVR with the phone again ,

need to have a update to change some settings.Just free to ask help,please.

We do not find connecting problem for iOS devices till now .

About Android system , too many Android system versions and phone models ,makers

.If you use Android 8 or above versions, close Cellular Data just set WiFi for Internet ,please.

Or you cannot connect the car DVR with your phone .

For some Android phones,you need change some settings, as Settings – WiFi Settings

– Advanced Settings – Stay Connecting .

If you still have any question,contact with us,please.


Shipment will be arranged within 7 business days after payment is cleared as

long as buyer’s information and shipping address is confirmed.

Please provide the right post code and valid phone number to avoid delay in


1) If buyer need the parcel to be delivered by certain courier or other express

way, please contact our sales to adjust the price before payment.

2) Small package within 2.0kgs usually be shipped by China post / Singapore Post

as listed or agreed by customer.

3) We do not ship to APO/FPO, P.O BOX addresses.

4) Remote area fee excluded, for addresses listed in the remote areas on

DHL/UPS/FedEX/TNT website, will be charged an extra US$ 30 .You can check your

address belongs to the remote area or not in their website or call them to ask .

Return and Warranty

All items are brand new straight from the factory. In case you receive a faulty

item, please contact us within 3 days after sign on the receipt.

We will refund or replace it.

Return within 7 days after receipt can be refund (exclude shipping freight)

Return within 20 days after receipt can be replaced.

Return within 1 year from the purchase date can be repaired.

It is the customers’responsibility to pay for return postage and ship the item

back to us. We will send it back at our cost.

All returns must be confirmed by our after service staff, we are not liable for

any return package without prior notice.

For non-defective returns, there will be administrative fee applied.

We offer ONE Year Factory Warranty (accessories not included).

Warranty will be voided as of:

(1) Damage caused by: Undue wear & tear, dirt, misused, improper installation or

operation,neglect, accident.

(2) Any damages caused by improper packaging when buyers return the item to us.

(3) If the item was disassembled or repaired by unauthorized person.


Customer’s satisfactory is our ultimate goal. If you are satisfied with our

products and service,please leave us 5 stars feedback.

If you have problem or question please contact us before open a dispute or

leaving any type of feedback.

All messages or emails will be answered within one business day. If you do not

receive our reply,please kindly re-send your email or complaint to our manager.

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  1. T***o

    1 month to Kiev, via meestExpress. very well packaged. didn’t turn on but looking good. thank you for new version of great dvr. if any issue will appear – I’ll extend my comment. thank you.

    Color Name: A9GB Sd Card Memory: None


  2. R***i

    The seller is sociable, immediately answers all questions. The goods sent almost immediately after payment. Parcel
    Ka reached Kiev for about a month, the courier brought home. Packed in a box, very decent looking. As I will check the feedback. Seller recommend

    Color Name: A9GB Sd Card Memory: 64GB


  3. Shopper Shopper

    отличного качества камера, быстро прилетела. всё встало на места, как родное

    Color Name: A9B Sd Card Memory: None

    Shopper Shopper

  4. A***a

    Оплата 14.07.2020. Отправка 16.07.2020. Трек номер отслеживался весь путь. Пришла в Сталинград 13.08.2020. Товар полностью соответствует описанию. Продавца и товар – рекомендую. Payment is on 07/14/2020. Submitting on 07/16/2020. The track number was tracked all the way. Came to Stalingrad on 08/13/2020. The product fully corresponds to the description. The seller and the goods – I recommend.

    Color Name: A9GB Sd Card Memory: None


  5. J***a

    Color Name: A9GB Sd Card Memory: None


  6. O***v


    Color Name: A9B Sd Card Memory: Without TF Card


  7. Shopper Shopper


    Color Name: A9B Sd Card Memory: 64GB

    Shopper Shopper

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