VVCAR-V17 12-inch RearView Mirror Car Dvr Camera Dashcam GPS FHD Dual 1080P Lens Driving Video Recorder Dash Cam Gift-32G Card

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Important notice!

Because the screen size of the streaming media rearview mirror is large, the heat generation is high. In summer, the high heat generation may increase the product failure rate and reduce the service life, so VVCAR insists on using the 1080P resolution [Note: The video resolution only represents the size of the video, but does not represent the sharpness of the camera and sensor] VVCAR still uses SONY335 sensor, low-light night vision and low-light enhancement technology]
If you find products which have better sharpness from the same level products, you can take a video and contact us, we are willing to give this product to you for free.

No light Night vision F1.4 Large aperture

The newly launched F1.4 ultra-large aperture, the amount of light at night is increased by 3 times compared with the traditional F2.0 aperture, and the light transmittance has reached 99.99%. High-definition recording is also possible in backlight and forward light environments, and the front license plate is also clearly visible
Easy to deal with various environments in rainy, foggy, and snowy days.

HD Recording Tow Lens Dual screen simultaneous display

IPS high-definition touch screen, the front and rear roads are displayed on the same screen, and you can also choose to display the front or rear of the car separately.

24 Hours Parking Mode

Auto switch to Parking mode when you parked your car. Triggered by the motion detection, the dash cam will auto record once the front camera or inside camera detects motion.

Notice:The camera needs a constant power supply either from an external battery pack or hardwire kit

GPS Track

The global satellite positioning system accurately records your driving trajectory.
Dedicated player, playback display is more detailed.
You can view your speed, coordinates, map track in detail.

Dual recording HD recording

full glass high-definition lens, no fear of darkness, the same clear night shooting

Three screen display modes

1. front recording screen 2, rear recording screen 3, split screen display
Many choices, there is always one that fit you.
The rear recording screen is displayed by default

Swipe up and down to adjust the screen display area

2.5D curved touch screen IPS high-definition display

2.5D curved touch screen IPS high-definition display

Reversing assistance, easy storage

When the car is in reverse gear, the rear view mirror image is automatically switched to the reverse image, which can clearly and comprehensively observe the road conditions behind, and is equipped with simple auxiliary lines, making it easier to reverse

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  1. Shopper Shopper

    I like this mirror so much. I just installed this DVR and it started to rain heavily when I went home.But this DVR looks very clear. I used to encounter rainy days and I couldn’t see anything behind it, so I was often very worried about accidents on rainy days.Now through this DVR, I can clearly see the situation behind the car, even raindrops.The price is very worthwhile, and I am very satisfied with this shopping.

    Color Name: V17S

    Shopper Shopper

  2. Shopper Shopper

    After receiving the package, I spent two hours installing it. I really like the model of the rear camera, which can match the size reserved for the number plate. When I was on the road testing, I was attracted by the shooting effect.The picture performance is very good. The large 12-inch screen clearly shows the pictures of all lanes behind the car, and the picture processing is perfect. I am very satisfied with this machine. I recommend this seller.

    Shopper Shopper

  3. E***k

    It was a miracle, won the registrar. In the kit there is everything. Delivery by courier to the apartment. At first glance done qualitatively. After testing, I will add a review.

    Color Name: V17SM1 Ships From: Russian Federation


  4. K***i

    Great camera, AMP.
    Seller best, respect!!!!!
    Very clamp shipping to Hamburg,.
    Incredibly fast!!!!

    Color Name: V17SM1 Ships From: Poland


  5. R***s

    Ordered from a warehouse in Moscow, the courier brought home days after 5. the mirror is chic! Still 12 inches is high! In small cars you should not put, in such as Vesta and other spacious cars is just an ideal option! The display is bright juicy, plus there is an automatic brightness function depending on the light, very convenient in the evening or at night. When connecting red wire from rear camera to reverse lamp, when the rear transmission is turned on, the flow from the rear camera is turned on and the parking lines are activated, and given the diagonal of the mirror and a very wide viewing angle of the rear camera, it’s a pleasure to park backwards, and most importantly it’s safe! The mirror shoots in a resolution of 2 k-2304*1296 pixels, when connecting the rear camera shoots in full HD, the rear camera is also full HD. With the GPS antenna connected on the recorded video, a stamp with coordinates and speed is displayed. Detailed test and review with examples of day and night recordings from both cameras look at yutub Channel China in Shope

    Color Name: V17SM1 Ships From: Russian Federation


  6. S***v

    Great stuff. Came in 3 days. Installed in the car and everyone is satisfied, fully corresponds to the description. There are no shortcomings yet

    Color Name: V17S Sd Card Memory: 32G Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  7. Z***v

    While I’m delighted with the device. Then let’s see how much works.

    Color Name: V17 Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  8. E***v

    Delivery from Russia quickly, the goods look great!
    Time will show.
    I recommend the store.

    Color Name: V17S Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  9. Y***v

    The mirror is fully according to the description, in the new version of the firmware added new functions-protect level (shock sensor-when hit, automatically records the неперезаписываемый file in a separate folder) and parking monitoring (parking monitoring is the same, only with the engine not working). The cameras have excellent viewing angles and video quality, GPs quickly finds satellites, all settings functions work without complaints. The seller willingly answered my questions, very friendly, the parcel came in 5 days after payment. I recommend this seller and DVR! Thank you again to the seller!)

    Color Name: V17S Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: China


  10. V***

    Packed well, went a little less than a month, it came to the NP. After installation, I will add a review

    Color Name: V17S Sd Card Memory: 32G Card Ships From: China


  11. W***g

    Superior quality, clear night vision rear camera, perfect sound record without noise, 1080p HD recording, and backup battery to save the last video file even when power is disconencted.

    Korea divided into: kick board etc with many children to find the corresponding product structure-Recommend. Camera quality okay night visibility pretty or is OK. GPS fitted seat odometer speed indicator to give coordinates in video real time and put it down later dedicated program with stock if like navigation video and running path at the same time can be seen in. Safe for non-commercial built-in battery according to kick board-like cast off was the situation in the last file storage and automatically shut down.

    Color Name: V17SM1 Ships From: China


  12. P***v

    The goods are excellent, ordered 11.11.2020, received 16
    11.2020. Brought home, the quality of excellent cameras, I’m very pleased, though the box was crushed

    Color Name: V17S Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  13. R***m

    The Mirror came very quickly 3 days before Lipetsk, the quality is excellent, it’s a pity only the map and GPs did not put, before that, everyone was laid down as a gift, and now probably not, I recommend the seller for delivery and build quality, well done.

    Color Name: V17 Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  14. M***v

    Completely satisfied and satisfied with the purchase. 1) quality as stated is good. 2) all connects quickly and easily. 3) The Wire is long enough to install on the bumper and hold all the cables under the seal. Duster 2020. 4) The rear camera as a streaming mirror works perfectly, does not slow down and does not distort the image. 5) parking is a pleasure, everything is visible. I park in the output mode on the screen of 2 cameras, so you can see more, as the picture is framed and placed large area. 6) The Mirror does not nap, and the image does not shake when riding. 7) The video is written to 2 cameras all OK. 8) at night in the dark of the yard everything is visible, you can park quietly. 9) the flash drive inserted on 128GB Samsung Evo. Although the maximum capacity is 64 GB. 10) when you start the mirror, the rear view camera starts immediately. 11) If the image presses on the eyes or want to switch to a normal mirror, then one button switches and becomes a little trained but usual mirror. Sometimes the camera is blinded by headlights.

    Color Name: V17 Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: Russian Federation


  15. R***r

    I’m happy with the purchase! I wanted a rear-view camera, and then also a recorder (while I checked only the main camera, which is on the mirror) video and sound at a good level. The delivery took only 5 days, which was very pleased. Full set, all that ordered came in integrity and safety. In addition, a 32 GB flash drive, although I did not order it, a nice bonus)) not very granite fit into the salon well. I recommend the seller, the goods too!

    Color Name: V17 Sd Card Memory: NO Card Ships From: China